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Human Genetics Alert

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Human Genetics Alert (HGA) is an independent watchdog group whose work focuses on policy issues raised by genetics and reproductive technologies. HGAs mission is to prevent harm to individuals and society from the application of these technologies and to encourage more democratic control over them.

Our statement of principles:

We believe:

* Genetic research should be driven by genuine need rather than commercial imperatives or social prejudices

* Genetic technologies must not exacerbate existing social inequalities, or create new ones

* Social problems should not be subjected to genetic fixes

* People are not simply determined by their genes

* The public must be able to democratically control human genetics

HGA was founded in 1999 as The Campaign Against Human Genetic Engineering. After a further 18 months of lobbying, campaigning and networking, HGA took over from CAHGE in December 2000, with funding awarded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

We have campaigned on the whole range of genetics issues, including genetic discrimination, eugenics, sex selection, regulation of genetic testing, cloning, biobanks, behavioural genetics, etc. We publish a daily email news bulletin with news stories from around the world, as well as briefing papers.